We supply our customers throughout the GCC with reliable refrigeration systems and equipment. We supplied 1980 hP systems serving 54,000 M3 of freezer and chiller stores in hottest ambient spot in throughout the Gulf States, remarkably in UAE and KSA. We also supplied multi-temperature warehousing cold storage facilities with our systems including to name a few 9 outlets of Carrefour Express served by 60 air cooled condensing units and exclusively 200+ restaurants cold stores for all franchise restaurants, e.g. KFC, Pizza Hut, TGI Friday’s, Chicken Tikka, Hardee’s, Red Lobster and Fish Market. Moreover, we supplied power racks with a total of 1000 HP serving multi temperature cold stores with a total volume of 46,900 M3 of cold stores as well as systems of power racks serving catering facilities along with air cooled condensers and network unit coolers.

In providing those systems and products, Fawaz Group prides in their ability to provide a complete range of products that include without limitation:

  • Semi-hermetic Compressors
  • Unit coolers
  • Cooling equipment for multi-temperature warehousing cold storage facilities
  • Network Unit Coolers
  • Air Cooled Condensing Units
  • HP Systems serving wide span areas
  • Freezer & Chiller Stores
  • Power racks